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October 29, 2019 1 min read

Looking for a hairstyle to highlight your weaving? Discover our suggestions.

Long wavy hair

Nothing like ultra glamorous curls to enhance a long mane. To make these work your lengths by hand with a little styling mousse.

Tip:  You can use your curling iron on your weaving as long as it is natural hair (never on synthetic hair).

The high ponytail

Easy to make, the ponytail is a timeless classic. Tie it high, keeping a wick aside that you will wrap around the elastic to hide it. Attach the base with a few pins and you're ready for the red carpet!

The bun bun

This ultra voluminous and trendy updo will be perfect to achieve with long hair. To get it, untangle your hair and tie it into a high ponytail. Pass it in a bun foam around which you will wrap your lengths to make your bun. Fix everything with pins and a little hairspray (keeping your hand light so that your  weavingkeeps its natural appearance) and voila.

And to help you, demonstration on video !

The half bun

Detangle your hair and isolate a few strands on top of your skull. Tie these in a high bun and let the rest of your lengths fall naturally.

Tip:  To add ultra glamorous waves to your look, opt for a wavy weaving.