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May 05, 2019 2 min read

Do you hesitate between a weaving, a lace front and a full lace wig? Discover the strengths of each type of wig!


The lace front wig

Adopted by stars like Tyra Banks or Beyoncé, the  lace wig  is an undetectable wig with a tulle base to fix at the forehead. It can be applied directly to your home (using wig glue or pliers) in less than an hour. Its solid attachment will allow you to wear it throughout the day, to do sports and even sleep with it. The clip-on versions can also be removed and put back easily: practical for changing heads at your convenience!


Full lace wig

The full lace wig  works on the same principle as the lace front but is fixed all around the head. Perfect for obtaining a voluminous mane and a 100% natural appearance, it will allow you to perform high hairstyles like ponytails or updos (to be avoided with a lace front so as not to reveal the fixing points). It can be worn for six to eight weeks and will exert less traction on the hair due to its distribution over the entire skull.



The weaving  consists in sewing extensions on your natural hair (previously braided or glued). More accessible than lace wig, it will be firmly fixed on your skull, resistant to all weather conditions. There are several techniques for laying a weaving: thus, a half-head weaving will allow you to add volume to your natural hair while a closed weaving will cover the whole head, allowing you to test new colors for example.

Tip:  Weaving requires a little more technique to be installed, so do not hesitate to turn to a professional.