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December 11, 2019 1 min read

Looking for a pretty hairstyle for the holidays? So here are some ideas to shine in the evening.

 The samurai bun

Popularized by Rita Ora, the samurai bun is done by raising the hair in a bun as high as possible. Remember to leave a wick free to wrap it around the base of the bun (working with gel to accentuate the graphic effect).

Natural curls

Very trendy, long curly hair will be the most beautiful effect for a festive dinner. To get this dream mane turn to a  deep wave weaving  or kinky curly  that you will work with a little styling mousse to accentuate the volume.

The fuzzy bun

The fuzzy bun is an easy hairstyle to make and ideal for parties. To do this, tie your hair in a loose ponytail that you will wrap to make a bun. Remember to leave a few strands free to accentuate the romantic effect.

 Tip:  Accessorize your bun with a rhinestone barrette, a tiara, a fake flower etc.

The braided bun

Make plated braids (or African braids) all over your hair. Then raise it in a high bun that you will fix with pins. Tip: You can also braid only the top half of your hair and lift it into half a bun.

 The bandana

Festive and colorful, the bandana will be perfect for highlighting long hair. Choose it to match your outfit for a particularly chic effect.