What laying technique to choose for your weaving?

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June 16, 2019 2 -

There are several techniques for placing a hair weaving. Discover our tips for choosing the one that suits you best.


Half-head weaving

This technique will be ideal if you want to easily add volume to your mane. Inexpensive, however, it requires choosing a type of weaving that goes well with your hair. To make it isolate the upper part of your hair (between the forehead and the top of the ears) and we make plated braids with the remaining hair. Then sew your weaving on the braids and cover everything with your natural hair. You will get a very natural look, perfect for highlighting your lengths.

Tip:  Use a little wax to flatten your natural hair back and keep your hairstyle well.


 Closed weaving

Closed weaving consists of covering the entire scalp. For this, make braids plated all over your head and then sew your weaving on them. This technique requires a bit of know-how, so it is advisable to turn to a professional for installation. The closed weaving has the advantage of allowing you to completely change your head (by choosing another color, for straight, curly hair etc.) It also protects your natural hair and your scalp, which are no longer subjected to aggression Daily.

Tip:  Be careful not to sew your weaving too tightly, at the risk of weakening the scalp.


The closure

The closure consists in using extensions glued to tulle (or lace wig). This is placed over your natural hair for a very natural look. Easy to apply yourself, lace wig will exert less pressure on the head than a Brazilian weave but is also a little more expensive.