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September 07, 2019 2 min read

To keep a wig at the top it is important to wash it regularly. So check out all our tips.


Wash your natural wig

Even if it is made up of real human hair, your natural wig will require a specific maintenance! To wash it, dilute a hazelnut of special shampoo wig in a basin of lukewarm water. Dip your wig in it, put your fingers in it without rubbing and let it set for about ten minutes. Rinse thoroughly and then repeat the operation with an after shampoo (also special wig). Please note that it is essential that no trace of product remains in your wig or it may grease.

Once your wig is clean, gently dab it with a towel and shake it to give it back to the volume. Let it dry in the open air, placing it on a wig holder (or on your shower head if necessary): this will allow it to regain its shape. At the storage level, then put it in the closet (on a wig hanger) to prevent it from taking dust.

Tip: Wash your wig every two weeks or so.


Wash your synthetic wig

A synthetic wig washes like a natural wig but using cold water instead of lukewarm water. It will have the advantage of maintaining its shape after being washed but be careful: never use a source of heaters (hairdryer, straightening iron) on it at the risk of damaging it. To dry your synthetic wig, let it rest on a wig holder all night. Then all you have to do is brush her when she wakes up and she's ready to be used!

Tip: Use a pickle brush to style your wig. This is will be best suited to preserve the synthetic material.