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October 29, 2019 2 min read

Properly cutting the tulle of your lace wig is essential in order to make it undetectable. Discover all our advice.


An undetectable base

The lace wig have a very light tulle base which hides the demarcation between your wig and your real hair. Very fine, it allows the scalp to breathe and allows you to adjust your wig to measure by cutting the lace according to your needs.


How to cut it?

To cut the tulle of your  lace wig, start by placing your wig on your head, holding the hair back with pins. This will prevent you from inadvertently cutting wicks. Then bring sharp scissors with pointed ends. Attention, these must be sharpened so as not to damage the tulle. Cut the tulle that protrudes at the forehead starting from the center and going towards the temples (following the natural shape of your wig). Remember to leave two to three millimeters of margin: this will camouflage your wig. To increase the natural effect do not cut straight but make small zigag movements. If you hesitate to cut, start by leaving a little more margin than necessary and then adjust.

Then repeat the operation at the ears, taking care to clear the hair beforehand.

If you wear a full lace wig  (whose tulle covers the whole head) it will also be necessary to cut at the nape of the neck. To do this, grab the wig in one hand and cut the tulle following the hairline. Leave a little more margin than for the front (about 4-5 mm) and then adjust if necessary.

Tip:  Keep the excess tulle for glue tests.