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August 28, 2019 1 min read

Several characteristics are to be taken into account when choosing your weave: length, color ... but also the texture. So find out how to choose this one well.


Straight weavings

The straight weaves(or silky) are made up of smooth hair. They can be worn naturally or curly with a curling iron (provided it is Remy Hair hair, a synthetic wig could be damaged by heat).

Wavy weavings

The wavy weaves reproduce the texture of wavy hair. Choose a body wave weave for wide and glamorous curls, a loose wave weave for tighter curls and a deep wave weave if you have very curly hair.

Tip: For a discreet and harmonious weave, choose strands whose texture can be confused with that of your natural hair.

Kinky curly weavings

The curly kinky weaves mimic the texture of moderately unfrunced African-American hair. These will be perfect for long, voluminous Afro hair. Remember to moisturize your weaving regularly with serum or hair oil.

Tip: Kinky hair is naturally more fragile we advise against smoothing it.

Yaki weavings

The yaki weavesmimic the texture of unfrillized African-American hair. They will therefore be perfect if you have frizzy or very unfrilized hair. It is recommended not to buckle or smooth them in order to preserve the structure of your weaving.